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Freight Visibility Platform
Our bespoke, secure Freight Visibility Platform,
Boxtrax provides real-time shipment information,
on-demand wherever you may be in the world.

Simplifying a complex supply-chain by giving complete visibility, control and flexibility. Tailored to align with your business, helping you to optimise your logistics operations.

Easy online bookings with shortened response times

Warehouse inventory real-time stock levels and stock movement  tracking history

Advanced shipment tracking with detailed consignment information and relevant transport mode

Customs information including clearance dates, entry numbers and routes

Shipping container information, so you know exactly where your goods are at any given time

Comprehensive KPI dashboard putting you in control of your performance

Access 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning your business is never standing still

Do you need to track or book a consignment?

Log in to your Boxtrax account for further information.

Why Choose Us?

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“Team Air Express has been our courier service for many years now, their communication, speed of service, professionalism, and handling of sensitive shipments is the best we’ve experienced. Always willing to work with us on specific needs and plans no matter how complex.”

EMEA Channel Marketing Manager, Design & Production Company for DJ, Professional Audio and Music Production Markets

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