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Global Reach, Local Expertise

Experts in Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight, distribution and logistics solutions

Team Air Express are committed to developing long-term relationship with each of our customers, providing innovative and reliable logistics solutions at a competitive price. 


Team Air Express is a multimodal logistics company that offers a full range of services in all modes of transport, along with associated value-added services, around the globe.


Established in 1990, we have remained loyal to our original philosophy: to build long-term relationships with each customer by establishing supply chain solutions that provide a variety of innovative and cost-effective services. To continue to meet this commitment requires foresight and the ability to handle every logistical contingency. As a trusted partner, Team Air Express has continued to build a solid reputation as a leading-edge and flexible provider of first-class logistics, delivering complete supply chain solutions.

Trading under the current BIFA terms and conditions. We are dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and affordable supply chain solutions, specialising in transportation, logistics, forwarding, and warehousing. Our expertise enables us to deliver bespoke solutions, no matter how unusual the challenge.


As a service-based company, we don’t own the aircraft, ships, or trucks we use every day. This means we can be highly flexible in our approach to supply chain management and very effective at ensuring price and service optimisation.


Building long-term relationships with our customers, our team of experts work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions. Providing our customers with end-to-end visibility, so that they know where their cargo is and where it is going to be, gives them the knowledge to make the right decisions to adapt to unforeseen challenges.

Our Services

Delivering global supply chain solutions tailored to meet our customers unique needs


 Transportation via rail, road, air, or sea comes with plenty of risks such as accidents, piracy, and natural calamities. With Marine Cargo Insurance, you can effectively manage the risks associated with transportation without disrupting your ongoing business operations.


In today’s globalised economy, the Carnet customs document is an indispensable tool for businesses engaging in international trade. Our Carnet service ensures that you will benefit from a streamlined customs clearance.

PROject Cargo

Managing multimodal transport worldwide, Team Air Express' innovative and unique solutions successfully transport your challenging cargo.


Proper packing is essential for the safe transportation of goods, as improper packaging can lead to breakage or loss of goods during transit. Inadequate packing can result in costly remedial actions and loss of trust from customers. Team air Express offers tailored solutions to ensure the safe delivery of your shipment, taking into consideration the fragility of the goods, the mode of transportation, and potential handling during transit.

Why Choose Us?

Team Air Express has the advantage of group offices placed in strategic locations that cover all UK main ports. With our expertise, knowledge, and network we have the ability to offer unique logistic solutions that encompass the globe, locally, nationally, and internationally.​ Team Air Express and our overseas partners are committed to providing our customers a high quality level of service at a competitive price. We want you to be totally confident that when handing your goods we are at all times acting in your best interest and to the best of our ability.

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